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Differently Sane June 17, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Life Issues.
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Twitter. You know it makes sense. I know it makes sense. To me, it makes sense because it connects: it takes me to places and links me to people that I didn’t know existed.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to two of those people:

@bourach and @serial_insomnia who blog, respectively, at conversationswithmyhead.blogspot.com and serialinsomniac.wordpress.com.

Both of them struggle with mental health issues or insanity or whatever it is you want to call it. Personally, I call it being human; and both of them are courageous enough to blog about what’s going on in their heads, about their battles with madness and the difficulties they face.

I find that their honesty and openness in describing and discussing their lives and thought processes puts me to shame as I hide behind my mask of normality. Me, normal? Geometrically, maybe: at right angles to the rest of the universe. Perhaps one day I will have the courage to tell the world what’s going on in my head.

Who decides what’s normal anyway?

@bourach and @serial_insomnia: I salute you.


1. bourach - June 17, 2009

Thank you. I feel all shy now. Finding the courage to be open is liberating. And you find others, like you, care which is deeply moving. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and only recently have I let anyone link to it – bravery takes time.

Thank you again – you’re a good lad.

2. Serial Insomniac - June 17, 2009

Thank you from me too *blushes* Don’t feel that you’re not coureagous just because you don’t share the inner workings of your mind with everyone; it’s an intensely personal matter and even admitting here that there are things you mask is brave in itself.

You know where I am should you ever need to rant 😉

Take care and thanks again. *hugs*

3. fromthesamesky - June 17, 2009

I concur with you here – both great bloggers as are you 🙂 No such thing as normal – we are all different and that is the beauty of it as well as the pain.

4. Phil Groom - June 17, 2009

Aww, you three: amazing. @bourach: long time since anyone called me ‘a good lad’ – thank you.

Like planet Earth in HHTTG, I guess I’m “mostly harmless” 🙂

Gentle hugs (((all)))

5. fromthesamesky - June 18, 2009

‘mostly harmless’ … LOL! 🙂

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