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Christian Marketplace

Some of my Christian Marketplace articles, web reviews first, then other articles, A – Z by title:

Web Reviews

Website of the Month: Faith Mission books

Phil Groom suggests that this regional chain is “one to watch” as it shakes off geographical constraints via a site which promises much as it develops further…

Website of the Month: Koorong

Phil Groom visits the website of the newcomer to UK Christian retailing and finds something well worth visiting…

Website of the Month: Quench Shops

Phil Groom takes a look at a new site and finds an elegant simplicity but a need for greater interactivity…

Website of the Month: Simply Books of Pocklington

Phil Groom stumbles across a retailer who has seized the internet as an opportunity to showcase their own uniqueness…

Website of the Month: Toybox

Phil Groom explores the website of a charity giving hope to children in Latin America…

Other Articles

13 from 10 doesn’t work

This month, rather than a web review, I thought it might be useful to take a look at an impending issue which will face us all within three months. ISBNs are changing…

Fair [trade] for all

Despite supermarkets’ muscle there is good business to be had in fair trade products for small businesses, suggests Phil Groom…

Internet Basics: A Guide for the Perplexed

In the first of an occasional series Phil Groom offers some help to make the ‘www’ less of a mystery for internet novices…

Seizing the Day with Social Media

Phil Groom reflects on the positive (global) immediacy of blogs and social networking…

What price loyalty?

Loyalty schemes seem to be all around us, don’t they; from the Co-op to Waterstone’s and everywhere in between. But do they work? …


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