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Emma Jayne

Emma Jayne

Hi. I’m Emma — but you’ve already figured that out, haven’t you?

I wrote the piece Notes from a Gay Christian Woman which so many of you have been so kind about. Phil suggested that I ought to start my own blog but then agreed that I could share his: thanks Phil!

I met Phil — or he met me, I really can’t remember which way around it was — on facebook. Emma isn’t my real name; I’m not ready to go public with that yet — life’s too complicated — but you can find me on facebook if you want to.

Anyway, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself briefly and thank you all for your kind responses — and now that I have my own dedicated section of this blog, you may be hearing more from me.

It’s really all about grace, isn’t it? As Phil puts it, God’s radical action changes everything: we have a radical God who will always go the extra mile to meet us where we are, as we are. I’m sure someone will say, “and who loves us too much to leave us there.” Absolutely. Where I was, was in a situation where if I dared to talk about how I felt and who I was, I’d face complete vilification from the very people who, above all, ought to know better: the Church. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends on facebook — in many ways they’ve become my church; and I’m profoundly grateful to them for their support on my journey.

But God’s radical action changes everything — even the Church!! It’s a painfully slow process but I’m sure we’ll get there in the end.


1. Áine - August 14, 2009

Hi Emma. Look forward to reading more from you. I loved your Notes from a Gay Christian Woman.

2. Jo - August 14, 2009

Hi Emma, it’s lovely to see you with some space of your own. 🙂

3. Emma Jayne - August 15, 2009

Hi Áine, hi Jo – thanks for stopping by and for your warm welcome. Love you both loads xx

4. cindy - August 23, 2009

Hi ya, good to see you, great getting to know you, looking forward to hearing more. 🙂 love to ya

Emma Jayne - August 23, 2009

Thanks Cindy 🙂 I’ve just been reading your poem: amazing. Love you loads xx

5. fragmentz - June 8, 2010

Hii Emma!
how are you chuck?

Fragz x

Emma Jayne - June 9, 2010

Hey – it’s complicated, but I’m OK, thanks. Thanks for asking. I appreciate your blog, your openness and honesty: thank you x

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