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WELCOME to the Groomsville Blog where you’ll find all the latest news and views from Phil & Sue Groom; well Phil mostly, since Sue isn’t into blogging yet…

I set this blog up simply as a demo site in connection with an article I wrote for Christian Marketplace magazine, to show how easy it is to create a website or run a blog with WordPress. Have now decided it’s time to start using it: enjoy!


1. bubba - July 7, 2009

Please contact me.

2. Julie - November 18, 2009

Hi Phil – I am a friend of Linda and I need help (not because of that you understand although…) I have a teenager in my church coming up to 14 but has learning difficulties and a reading age of about 6.

It is our tradition to give a Bible on their 15th Birthday but she needs a teenage/adult looking bible but with easy language and large print. I have searched and searched and can’t find anything to fit the bill – Large print is all expensive and huge – tried to find a gospel in large print and drawn a blank – tired ‘Easy read’ but no example on line of font and they say it is ‘regular’

Any ideas? Ta!

Phil Groom - November 18, 2009

Hey, no worries, all Linda’s friends need help sooner or later, but not as much help as mine usually do, so you should make it through. I know some good counsellors who should be able to help. I remember when Linda, well, and then I had to … OK, let’s not go there in public…

Have you tried bibles.co.uk? If they can’t help you find the right Bible, it probably doesn’t exist. Either have a good poke around the site or call them on 0845 222 3336.

3. Julie - November 19, 2009

Thank you!

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