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Twishop Index

Welcome to the Twishop Index — keeping track of the Twittering Bishops in the Church of England, and one or two beyond. Follow at your own risk, and if you’re a serious twit, follow this page @twishop.

Index last updated 7 June 2016 | Live feed

A-Z by Area/Diocese

Retired… (Do Bishops retire? Hmmm…)

Not tweeting yet? Here’s how to join:

  1. Go to twitter.com
  2. Hit the big green button: “Get Started – Join!”
  3. Fill in your name, choose a user name and password, enter your email address, retype the anti-spammer words then
  4. Hit the next green button: “Create my account”

Twitter will suggest some people to follow and help you find some followers if you want — but all you need do is leave a comment here or blog that you’re tweeting and your flock will soon gather.


1. Twishop Index « Phil’s Boring Blog - March 15, 2009

[…] Twishop Index […]

2. Simon Sarmiento - March 16, 2009

“European Congregations”??

Let’s make that “Diocese in Europe Suffragan” for David Hamid please

Phil Groom - March 16, 2009

Your wish is my command, noble sir. ’Twas but my feeble attempt to summarise his Twitter bio, Serving Church of England congregations in Continental Europe, Turkey and Morocco.

3. Woollyhedge - March 16, 2009

You can add to this list Bishop Nick Baines, Bishop of Croydon. See http://churchmousepublishing.blogspot.com/2009/03/bishop-nick-baines-joins-twitter.html

Phil Groom - March 16, 2009

Twisted! Thank you 🙂

4. Rachel - March 27, 2012

You may have stopped updating this site, but if not, you could add @bishopofdurham to your list. 🙂

Phil Groom - March 27, 2012

Thanks Rachel – updating now; and adding @Father_Owl, Grantham 🙂

5. Peter Kirk - March 27, 2012

There are others listed by the Twurch of England bishops list: the new Croydon, Dover, Hull, Swindon, also the extra-diocesan Stephen Lowe, plus a different Twitter name for Willesden.

Phil Groom - March 27, 2012

Thanks Peter – updating accordingly. Still no women on the list, though *sigh* …

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