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Swine Flu? Get a Grip! April 28, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Current Affairs.
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Getting in a flap over swine flu

Getting in a flap over swine flu

Swine flu. It was in all the newspaper headlines I saw yesterday: Daily Mail, Guardian, Metro, The Sun, The Times; and I guess given the World Health Organisation’s warnings only a fool would be completely complacent.

Even so, it reminds me of Edwina Currie’s salmonella in eggs (remember that?), bird flu, mad cow disease and SARS: panic in the papers but no one I know was hit by any of them; but I do know people who’ve been hit by cars; and I do know people who have been killed by cancer.

At the moment, you and I, gentle reader, are more likely to die crossing the road than by catching swine flu; but the moment someone suggests reducing speed limits in order to reduce fatalities from road traffic accidents, motorist groups are up in arms. What is with these people? Are they worried that if they slow down enough to save somebody else’s life, they won’t get to the doctor’s in time to catch their next sneeze?

Slow down, people: get a grip; and if that’s you who just sneezed: bless you — it’s probably hayfever.

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