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Your Help Needed: Badass Blogger Needs Help to Lighten Up July 16, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Frivolity.
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Yah, that’s me. Just because lots of things in life suck doesn’t mean that we have to, does it? But truth is — as I said here — I do seem to have developed the gift of discouragement to a fine art, don’t I? Not a good place to be. As somebody or other once observed, I am the ingrowing toenail in the body of Christ. Maybe I need more sleep or something; or snipping down to size. Lord have mercy.

So, beautiful people, do me a favour: find me something bright & shiny to blog about instead of all these negative vibes I’m sending out into the twitterblogofacebooksphere 😀

What’s made you smile or laugh recently? Yay for happy blogging!!

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