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Hating the Monster God March 1, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Theological Reflection, Theology.
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Church this morning – sermon about Noah and the flood but it’s OK because God put a rainbow in the sky afterwards and promised he won’t do it again.

“Trust me,” he said, “I’m a used planet salesman: this one only had a few million inhabitants, so I wiped the hard drive and rebooted.”

Apologies for the mixed metaphors. I mumbled my way through the creed and fumbled my way through the Eucharist but didn’t exactly feel thankful as I thought about my friends who’ve been to hell and back and where was God when they – when you – needed him?

Went out for a walk across a derelict airfield that’s become a half-playground, half-wasteland, found a tree decorated with wreathes and ribbons in memory of someone called Martin… wondered what happened to him and why this particular tree…

Wanted to somehow hit out at this monster god who screwed up so badly, but he’s not the God I know… the God I know is love and weeps with me and the only floods s/he’d ever bring to the world would be floods of tears and sorrow… and sometimes of laughter when the sun shines and flowers break through the concrete…

And I pity the human race with its screwed up notions of God and the churches that propagate them and wonder why I remain a part of it when I want to be apart from it…

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