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Gordon Brown, I Salute You November 9, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Current Affairs, News.
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… and to all those jackals in the press heckling him over his handwriting and a simple mistake that anyone could have made, I say: you are but jackasses braying. Back off and give the man a break!

Gordon Brown, I salute you!

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Reaching Beyond February 19, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Poetry.
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I wrote this back in the mid ’80s during a long spell of unemployment courtesy of Mrs Thatcher.

That woman was an inspiration, wasn’t she? It seems Mr Brown is following her lead now, bless him, so I dedicate this song (yes, it is a song rather than a poem, but I’m no singer so I’m not about to torment you with my rendition of it) to all those whose lives are being wrecked by our glorious leader’s economic policies.

Reaching Beyond

One in three million
parasitic statistic
rejected by the human race
(no use now)

Why carry on?
There’s no future in living
in the limits of time and space

So I’m reaching beyond
mankind’s imagination
colliding with the truth and grace
(far out now)

meeting someone
who says he knows where I’m going
though I’ve never even seen his face

Endless lies
fill empty lives…

Endless lies
fill empty lives…

(repeat to fade)

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