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Burning Boxes in the Twittersphere October 20, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Theological Reflection.
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Boxes! Boxes, boxes, boxes — but at last we’ve unpacked them all and Sue & I are getting settled in our new home. Sue was officially licensed to her new post as Priest-in-Charge of Henlow & Langford last week, first Sunday services now over & done and I’ve survived the endless round of, “… and this is Phil, our new priest’s husband.” All in all, it’s been great to be welcomed by such a lovely bunch of friendly people.

Back to the boxes, however: you’ll be pleased to know we haven’t burnt them — most are going back to the removals company whilst the odd few that aren’t fit for reuse are going for recycling (Bedfordshire is very hot on recycling).

But I decided to celebrate yesterday by flattening a virtual box in the twittersphere, and posted:

Philgreen_normalnotbovvered Thinking outside the box isn’t good enough. You need to step outside the box and flatten it. Permanently.19/10/2009 from Twitterrific

which led to some interesting conversations…

Twitter_profile_normalsupersimbo @notbovvered burn the mutha!!19/10/2009 from web

A_logo_normalauthenticmedia @notbovvered There’s a box?19/10/2009 from SeesmicPaul-ball004-small_normalKercal @notbovvered Sadly I stepped out of one box, into another box and am watching the latter being flattened with me still in it.19/10/2009 from web

~~~waves of empathy for Kercal, everybody!~~~

Since authenticmedia seemed a tad bemused, I identified the box for them, but they either didn’t get it or didn’t want to:

Philgreen_normalnotbovvered @authenticmedia Yeah. It’s called Evangelicalism – and you guys are in it!! <crooked grin>19/10/2009 from Twitterrific

A_logo_normalauthenticmedia @notbovvered Question still stands…there’s a box?19/10/2009 from Seesmic

Philgreen_normalnotbovvered @authenticmedia just because you can see the sky doesn’t mean you’re not in the box…19/10/2009 from Twitterrific

supersimbo was more willing to engage:

Twitter_profile_normalsupersimbo @notbovvered now that i see what you were meaning, is it possible to define “evangelicalism” as a box? It means so many dif things now….19/10/2009 from webPhilgreen_normalnotbovvered @supersimbo Too late, mate: you’ve done gone and burnt the mutha! Nuthin but smoke & ash now…
19/10/2009 from Twitterrific

Twitter_profile_normalsupersimbo @notbovvered yea but i burnt the box we have put it in, not the actual thing “evangelicalism” or whatever it is………..19/10/2009 from web

Philgreen_normalnotbovvered @supersimbo Sounds kinda like setting fire to a fart to me… (oops, naughty word: slapped wristie!!)19/10/2009 from Twitterrific

Twitter_profile_normalsupersimbo @notbovvered phil is not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!19/10/2009 from web

Quite right, supersimbo, I am but a mischief maker 😉 — but let the conversation go on. Not sure how Keira Knightly got involved, but she did. If you understand, please enlighten me: there could even be a free book in it for you…

Green_5413_aidan_normaldavidmkeen @notbovvered now you have to guzzle a bottle of wine and throw Keira Knightly in the air19/10/2009 from TweetDeck

Green_5413_aidan_normaldavidmkeen @notbovvered so the box is full of free books then?19/10/2009 from TweetDeck

Utb_gen_normalunicorntreebks @notbovvered box thing – is it ok then if I store what was in the box on the bookshelves for all to see the diversity and range??19/10/2009 from web

Philgreen_normalnotbovvered @unicorntreebks I’d suggest putting it out for sale rather than storage (and I suspect there’s more than evangelicalism in your boxes!!)19/10/2009 from Twitterrific

Dscf0889e_normalcornerstonebks @notbovvered @unicorntreebks @supersimbo @authenticmedia I am not convinced by boundary-less existence outside boxes. It is a myth!19/10/2009 from web

Twitter_profile_normalsupersimbo @Cornerstonebks that may have been my point about burning a box with stuff in it but the actual thing we thought we burnt is still there 🙂19/10/2009 from webTwitter_profile_normalsupersimbo @Cornerstonebks ie: effects of evangelicalism, methods, failures etc are in the box but the actual thing is too big to be contained in a box19/10/2009 from web

… which kinda brings us to the end of the conversation, with thanks to everyone who joined in and apologies to anyone whose tweets I’ve missed. Had I known it was going to spark such a stimulating dialogue, I’d’ve come up with a hashtag like #evangelicalbox — so if you, gentle reader, choose to take up the challenge of my final question, perhaps you’d care to use it?

Philgreen_normalnotbovvered What do posh chocolate and evangelicalism have in common? Both come in a box with lots of varieties and… [complete within 140 characters]19/10/2009 from Twitterrific

The 140 character limit only applies if you’re twittering: comments left here can be as long as you like, I guess. My own answer is “… and a ‘best before’ date that’s  long since passed for evangelicalism.” If you think otherwise, feel free to tell us why…

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