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Cardiff Bay and the Doctor Who Experience November 10, 2012

Posted by Phil Groom in Photos.
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WHAT TO DO on a day off? A day trip to Cardiff, of course: train fares booked in advance were only £18 one way, £13.50 t’other — and who can understand the bizarre mysteries of how the train companies calculate their fares? (Note to self: for next trip into London, book ticket to Cardiff – it’s cheaper).

And what to do in Cardiff? Wander around the bay before taking part in the Doctor Who Experience. No flash on my phone and I’ll readily admit that my photographic skills leave plenty to be desired; but hey — it was my day out, and I enjoyed it. Hit the pics to zoom in, or scroll down for a slideshow.


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1. Steve - November 10, 2012

I went to Cardiff a few years ago to visit a cousin, didn’t know Dr Who lived there.

Phil Groom - November 10, 2012

Didn’t you know Cardiff’s a time-space vortex? Something to do with the tides in the bay, I believe…

2. warriet - November 10, 2012

thank for these Phil 🙂

Phil Groom - November 10, 2012

It’s great fun: if you’re a Doctor Who fan who can afford a trip to Cardiff, well worth a visit. The first part is an interactive experience with smoke, strobe-lights, lots of noise, ground shaking, 3D cinematics, Daleks, Matt Smith as the Doctor in a spot of bother that you have to join in rescuing him from as you rush around inside the Tardis – as wild as you’d expect; then it’s the exhibition, with lots of original props.

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