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Crown Prosecution Service decision on @CCJUK v/s Stephen Sizer finds no offence committed April 20, 2012

Posted by Phil Groom in Life.
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Some good news at last: Surrey CID have advised the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision, which finds in favour of Stephen Sizer:

the CPS did not feel the activities of Rev Sizer amounted to an offence. The complainant has been updated. Hopefully this will draw a line in the sand.

Given the lameness of CCJ’s attempt to defend its foolish campaign against Stephen…

All CCJ has done, in its founding role to combat antiSemitism, is, on receipt of complaints about Mr Sizer’s actions… … to have expressed grave concern to his bishop and drawn the attention of the police to the matter. ….It is not within our remit or competence to decide whether or not the accusation of incitement to race hatred is sustainable or not… … – which is why we have referred it.

… perhaps someone would like to have a quiet word with them about wasting police time?

UPDATE 24/4/2012

A formal press statement has now been issued by Surrey Police:

Surrey detectives carried out a thorough and extensive review of the material in question and following liaison with the Crown Prosecution Service it has been determined that no criminal offences have been committed. The matter has now been closed and no further action is been [sic] taken.

UPDATE 28/4/2012

Stephen has now posted a brief note on his own blog: The Ugly Truth Exposed. He writes:

In response to the CCJ Statement, I welcome the news from Surrey police and CPS that, having “carried out a thorough and extensive review of the material in question” they have concluded that “no criminal offences have been committed. The matter has now been closed and no further action is being taken,” a conclusion which will come as no surprise to those who know and work with me.

My support for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, based on international law and recognised borders, achieved by peaceful and democratic means, has unfortunately left me open to what can only be described as an unbalanced and targeted campaign from certain quarters, a situation which is deeply regrettable.

I care passionately about the safety of the Jewish people. I repudiate racism, anti-Semitism as well as Islamophobia. I would not have posted a link to a website I knew to be anti-Semitic. Having consulted a number of Jewish friends, I now keep a small list of websites to avoid in future. I will be more careful about the origin of material I post on my blog and Facebook, and welcome opportunities for discussion with members of the Jewish community to move forwards in a spirit of mutual respect.


1. soupyone - April 24, 2012


I can’t find the statement on the Surrey Police site.

“Your search – stephen sizer site:surrey.police.uk – did not match any documents.”

Do you have a link to this statement? Or was it just emailed out to Rev. Sizer’s supporters?


Phil Groom - April 25, 2012

I’ve no idea how widely the press statement has been circulated, sorry, but I expect those media outlets that have been following the story have received copies and will run with it at the weekend.

CCJ, sadly, are being wholly disingenuous and issued a statement last Friday which, rather than acknowledge their error or apologise, simply concludes,

The Council of Christians and Jews has now received the advice of the Surrey Police, together with that of the appropriate legal authorities.

I have challenged them both on facebook and on twitter but they have not responded further.

soupyone - April 25, 2012

Sorry Phil, I should have been clearer.

Did you receive this statement on Rev. Sizer as an email?

2. Soupy One - April 26, 2012


Any update yet?

I am interested in reading the source of the Surrey Police’s statement. In full.

Phil Groom - April 26, 2012

You can find full contact info for Surrey Police here:

I suggest that you contact them directly, as I have done.

3. Soupy One - April 26, 2012


Sorry, but you are deliberately avoiding giving a straight answer (which is your right, but it’s a bit annoying).

I have looked on the Surrey police site, as indicated above, there is nothing.

My question was, where did you get the information from?

I wanted to read it in full, which I’m sure you would accept is not an unreasonable request.

So I would appreciate if you could say whether or not that statement was e-mailed out to Rev. Sizer’s supporters or you obtained it on the Web (where I could read it too) etc etc?

Phil Groom - April 26, 2012

For the moment, unfortunately, you will have to live with that frustration. As I said, I’ve no idea how widely it has been circulated, but I expect it will be published and/or reported on by or over this coming weekend.

4. Soupy One - April 26, 2012


Please, I’m asking you where you got it from?

Why is that a difficult question to answer?

I just wanted to better inform myself on the wider content, I accept that Rev. Sizer etc may well send out e-mails to his supporters (I would expect that).

I am NOT making an implied criticism, if that’s the case, as I can understand why he/they would do that.

But I wanted to better see the wider context of the whole statement, not just a snippet.

Surely, you can see that that is not unreasonable?

So how did you> receive it? An email?

5. Soupy One - April 26, 2012

ops, sorry about that that bolding, my mistake 🙂

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