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Tough Decision Time 2 July 28, 2010

Posted by Phil Groom in News.
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THIS POST is simply a follow on to my earlier password protected post, Protected: Tough Decision Time. If you’re one of my online friends, you are welcome to request the password and I’ll give it to you on the understanding that what I’ve protected must, for the time being, remain protected: in other words, it’s confidential and I’ll give you the password on the strict understanding that you maintain confidentiality.

Simply to eliminate certain things from possible speculation, it’s a work/employment related issue.

Thank you for being and thank you for reading.


1. supersimbo - July 28, 2010

Is this an experiment into who is a nosy bugger?

Phil Groom - July 28, 2010

I wish it was but no, it’s a serious situation I have to deal with (and it’s nothing to do with Kingsway!).

Want in?

2. Chris Jewell - July 28, 2010

Happy to receive password Phil as you see fit.
Chris J

3. fromthesamesky - July 29, 2010

If you’re comfortable with it, I’d love to read. xx

Phil Groom - July 29, 2010

You are welcome indeed: twitter dm

4. David Keen - July 29, 2010

Hi Phil, I don’t need to know what it’s about, and will pray anyway.

5. mel - July 29, 2010

I’ll take the password if you want to share. Hugz with whatever it is though.

6. Valiant for Truth - July 29, 2010

Count me in if you want me

7. Phil Groom - July 30, 2010

Thanks one and all: appreciated.

8. John Duncan - July 31, 2010

I’d like to read it Phil if you are happy for me to

Phil Groom - July 31, 2010

Password’s on it’s way, John…

9. Erika Baker - August 4, 2010

Just prayers

10. Mike Talbot - August 30, 2010

Just picked this up, Phil – maybe too late now, but otherwise still liek to read it if you’re happy to let me!

Phil Groom - September 1, 2010

Hi Mike – thanks for stopping by. Password will be winging its way through the ether shortly, though it’s all pretty well out in the open now: Nick and I were both formally invited to opt for voluntary redundancy as part of LST’s cost-cutting measures. I posted my response to that on the Bookshop’s facebook page a few weeks ago: Does the future have an LST Bookshop?

Things have moved on a bit since then, however: I’ve now handed in my notice to finish at LST Sept 16th. I’ve found p/t work with a local supermarket close to home which should tide me over whilst I focus on developing some of my online projects, mostly UKCBD (UK Christian Bookshops Directory) and its blog — see Tears of Joy in Northwood as Deranged Christian Bookshop Manager’s Ten Year Reign of Terror Draws to a Close.

If there are any friendly millionaires at Emmanuel who’d like to sponsor the project, I’d love to hear from them; but more seriously, would love to hear from *anyone* who’d like to get involved in supporting either UKCBD or the bookshop at LST.

Our very own the one and only Nick Aston will be the main man for the time being when I’m gone. Opening times for the autumn term are under review so watch the facebook page for an update in due course.

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