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Lost thing July 22, 2010

Posted by Phil Groom in Poetry.

A poem by a friend. I hope it resonates with you as powerfully as it does with me:

there was something I lost
I don’t remember its name
I don’t know that I’d know it
if I saw it again

I looked for it in places
I had seen it before
but it was gone and nowhere
was the same any more

I sought it in people
who once held it for me
but they just pretended
things were as they should be

I searched for it in faces
I had never seen
and started to wonder
if it had ever been

I longed for it sleepless
in silence of night
waiting for the lost thing
and missing its light

© JH 2010

Please respect my friend’s copyright and do not reproduce this poem elsewhere: thank you.


1. realalefanatic - July 22, 2010

Beautiful, poignant, sad… your friend has a real gift.

2. fragz - July 22, 2010

Beautiful x

3. Paula Ann Walker - February 4, 2011

Recognisable. Beautifully phrased. Memorable. I loved it.

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