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Let’s be Real History Makers: A Million People to give £1 to Christian Aid April 6, 2010

Posted by Phil Groom in Christianity, Current Affairs.
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Let's be Real History Makers: A Million People to give £1 to Christian Aid

Rage Against Poverty

Seems to me there’s something seriously skewed with Christian thinking when a facebook group like Christian Aid has less than 4,000 fans but a Christian music download campaign gets more than 66,000 people on board.

So I’ve set a new facebook group for anyone who wants to become a Real History Maker: imagine the impact of a million people clubbing together to support Christian Aid by donating £1 each: join today, donate £1 to Christian Aid and spread the word!


1. Joy - April 6, 2010

I like the sentiment. It is certainly good to remember that being history makers is more than just listening to music and is actually about moving way out of our comfort zones. And if this encourages some to give where they hadn’t before then thats great!

I hope that many others are like me and have been giving money to these organisations for many years. I don’t think that Facebook group numbers are necessarily an indication that Christian Aid has less support than Delirious?. I believe that last week’s attempt to get Delirious to number 1 was a wave of the Spirit and if it meant that there were homes and cars around this nation of ours had the truth spoken into them for maybe the first time ever then it was totally worth it!

I hope that this campaign gives a real boost to Christian Aid’s profile and makes a real difference in people’s lives. But I personally don’t feel guilty at all for my contribution to last week’s efforts, it will have sparked conversations and maybe even have pathed the way for Christian artists to feel that they actually can release hits into the secular domain.

Phil Groom - April 6, 2010

Hey Joy – I’m not suggesting for one moment that anyone should feel guilty about downloading ‘History Makers’: good for those who did, though I certainly wouldn’t call an orchestrated campaign to get Delirious into the charts a wave of the Spirit (well, the spirit of itunes maybe).

But I do see the ‘Invade the Airwaves’ campaign as faking it to the top rather making it: faking history when we could be making history. See my discussion with Neil Earl from last night if you want that clarified.

This campaign, however, emerges directly from that campaign — an opportunity to move beyond singing about being history makers to actually be history makers.

But how many of those 66,000+ people are actually ready to make that move? Time will tell.

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