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Gordon Brown, I Salute You November 9, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Current Affairs, News.
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… and to all those jackals in the press heckling him over his handwriting and a simple mistake that anyone could have made, I say: you are but jackasses braying. Back off and give the man a break!

Gordon Brown, I salute you!

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1. Eddie - November 9, 2009

There is a failure here Phil. His office should never have allowed that letter to be distributed. I’m dyslexic and have dreadful handwriting, which is why I have to have anything public checked and rechecked. The Prime Minister did the right thing by sending the letter and writing it by hand, but his staff let him down by not getting it re-done till it was right.

2. Bill - November 9, 2009

I know he’s having to use a lot of ink to write to every one of the families of the servicemen dying in a large part – they feel, to his actions and penny pinching, and mistakes can happen, but spelling someone’s name wrong on a condolence letter is just shabby.

If as we are all supposed to know he’s got bad handwriting then someone should be checking such potentially offensive mistakes, hell most people I know get irate when the bank gets their name wrong.

Thank goodness the guy doesn’t have tourettes then hey!

3. Leigh Barnard - November 9, 2009

I agree with Fil.

Phil Groom - November 9, 2009

And the fact that you’ve taken the time to comment, Lee, means far more to me than how you spell my name: thank you.

4. Bill - November 9, 2009

And another thing, writing personally to the bereaved is hardly some amazingly unique thing, it’s something that every British PM has been doing for at least a quarter of a century.

When the military already thinks, he doesn’t care much about them, you’d think he would have taken extra care. Yet again something he screws up.

5. Phil Groom - November 9, 2009

Since they’re serving Queen and country, shouldn’t it be the Queen writing anyway? Gordon is merely an elected representative…

6. Elizabeth - November 9, 2009

Yer, but Lee didn’t wite bi hand tho, did hi?

7. Valiant for Truth - November 11, 2009

More blame to “The Sun” for publishing the letter and for recording the phone call. Phone tapping is illegal for ordinary folk and it’s certainly immoral in this case. Keep on writing Gordon! Who knows, the name may have even been incorrectly noted down when it was passed to GB.

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