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Faster than Jesus: we got fibrefairy back on twitter! From #twitterfail to #twitterresult in under 4 hours! July 15, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Technology.
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Discovered this evening that the twitter thought police had suspended fibrefairy‘s twitter account, @fibrefairy, and they weren’t telling us why.

Some of her followers, self included, howled in protest at the injustice and cried out for reinstatement — and woosh, just like that, resurrection! Faster than Jesus — it took him three days!!

Twitter people: thank you. From #twitterfail to #twitterresult in under 4 hours: that’s class.

fibrefairy - faster than Jesus

fibrefairy - faster than Jesus


1. fibrefairy - July 15, 2009

Thank you :D!!

2. fromthesamesky - July 15, 2009

Did they ever give a reason?

3. Simon Douglas - July 16, 2009

But things move faster now, 5 minutes now is the equivalent of 3 days ‘in them days’!

@fromthesamesky – they don’t ever have to give a reason, it’s an automated service, and some abnormal activity must have triggered the event. On notification, it takes as long as it takes a sysop to check out the situation and rectify it.

@fibrefairy emailed me to say that she had been suspended – I thought that she had just gone quiet 😉 and I tweeted to that effect, slightly ironically, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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