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Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you have to stop reading… July 12, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Frivolity.
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Ayatollah Cranmer

Ayatollah Cranmer

Recently Archbishop Cranmer had a rather entertaining run in with facebook: they didn’t like his title so he ended up signing up as Ayatollah Cranmer instead. It seems that facebook are somewhat selective over which clerical titles they discriminate against.

The good news for Archbishop Cranmer is that although he died some years ago, he’d have no such problem selecting a title if he signed up for a free Church leader’s subscription (yes, free, you read that correctly) to Christian Marketplace magazine, where you can opt for anything from Archdeacon to Wing Commander.

But it gets even better if you’ve earned yourself (or been granted) some letters to go after your name: as well as the usual raft of BA, MA and OBE, you can even choose ‘deceased’ — so do come along now, My Lord Archbishop, and get your free Christian Marketplace subscription today!!

Christian Marketplace - Select a Suffix

Christian Marketplace - Select a Suffix

h/t to Bishop Alan Wilson for drawing my attention to Archbishop Cranmer’s facebook shenannigans.


1. MOUSEY - July 14, 2009

Wonder what facebook would make of the 7th Century character Biscop Baducing? Biscop was his REAL Christian name – probably after Paulinus – and his later `first` name `Benedict` was a nickname, because of his admiration for Benedict of Nursia. Then he got to be Abbot of the Monkwearmouth/Jarrow complex. That would really have confused the faceless minions of Facebook.
(I guess any Deans registering on Facebook COULD use their titles, as Facebook would just think that was a first name!)

2. asingleblog - July 14, 2009

Facebook dangerous! Twitter dangerous! Nanny state dangerous! The Browser you use might be dangerous! Oh my God who killed Kenny. Just watched Southpark and I’m having myself some fun.

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