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A World of Pain: Meera Syal on Self Harm June 4, 2009

Posted by Phil Groom in Life Issues.
A World of Pain - Thursday, 4th June, 9pm, BBC 2

A World of Pain - Thursday, 4th June, 9pm, BBC 2

Know anyone who self-harms? This programme with Meera Syal on BBC 2, 9pm tonight, Thursday 4th June 2009, looks like it could offer some helpful insights:

Meera Syal looks at the issue of self harm in the UK. It’s a difficult and distressing subject, but one that Meera has studied closely over the years and which is close to her heart.

In this moving journey Meera she will seek to answer: what is self harm, who does it affect and why? Meera meets people who have experienced self harm, including those that have now recovered and others who are still suffering. She also learns about the complicated issues that can lead to a person taking such drastic action.

Missed it? Now available on BBC iPlayer

BBC Helpline: 0800 0933 193 (calls free from BT landlines)


1. fromthesamesky - June 8, 2009

Hmm. I watched this yesterday – it was interesting! I’m not sure it added much to what I already knew, but I’m glad they did it as it is important to raise awareness of these issues. Thanks for highlighting it!

Phil Groom - June 9, 2009

Yes. That was it, I think: raising awareness. Thanks for stopping by.

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